General Debate

NWMUN-HS, as the concluding portion of our Opening Ceremonies, holds a General Debate on Friday afternoon. The General Debate is the special session of the General Assembly in which all delegates are present, and during which every country (both member states and observers) speaks on the theme of the conference.

Speakers: One delegate per country (usually the Head Delegate; the choice is up to each delegation)
Speakers Time: 1 minute (warning given when 10 seconds remain)
Topic of Speeches: The Conference Theme, "_____________"

Order of Speeches
The order of speeches is based off of the United Nations' order of speeches during General Debate.
  1. Secretary-General of the United Nations
  2. President of the General Assembly (speaking in a personal capacity)
  3. Brazil
  4. United States of America
  5. Delegate from the President of the General Assembly's country (speaking in a national capacity)
  6. UN Member States who have requested to speak early in the General Debate, in the order of their request.
     (To request to speak early, please email the Assistant Secretary-General for Logistics at by April 30).
  7. UN Member States who have not requested to speak early in the General Debate, in alphabetical order.
  8. Non-Member UN Observers, in alphabetical order. (This means that the second-to-last speaker will be the Holy See, and the final speaker will be Palestine.)
Speakers List for the 2019 General Debate
The Speakers List for the NWMUN-HS 2019 General Debate will be posted here on May 1