Committees & Topics

Position Papers are not required to participate in the conference, but submission of a position paper makes delegates eligible for position paper awards.
The deadline for NWMUN-Portland 2022 Position Papers is Sunday, 1 May 2022 at 11:59 pm (Pacific).
Please submit all position papers using our online form:

The first-ever NWMUN-High School is being held in 2022. This launch year will have one committee and two topics. At the beginning of the first session of the day, the delegates will choose the order of the two topics, and begin debating the first. Given that the conference is one day in length, we anticipate that only one topic will be discussed in full (the other may have enough time for a shortened discussion if time remains after the conclusion of the first). The order topics are listed on this page is not relevant; the order they are discussed in will be decided upon by the delegates during the conference.

General Assembly Plenary (GA)
1. Ensuring Access to Affordable and Sustainable Energy for All
2. Rights of Indigenous Peoples