NWMUN-High School 2024
May 25, 2024
Portland, OR, USA

Registration will open in January 2024.

For our November college conference in Seattle, please visit the website for NWMUN-Seattle!
For our February college conference in Portland, please visit the website for NWMUN-Portland!

Northwest Model United Nations Mission Statement

Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN) is committed to educating and improving the lives of students by enhancing students’ understanding of the political and institutional workings of the United Nations (UN). Through NWMUN, college students act as delegates to international organizations and debate a range of issues, consistent with the procedures of the UN.

NWMUN is the premier Model United Nations conference in the Pacific Northwest - a forum that cultivates international awareness and understanding, and provides diverse opportunities for educational and cultural enrichment, as well as for personal growth.

NWMUN is a project of the Northwest Association for Global Affairs (NWA).