Delegate Assignment Policy

Northwest Model United Nations conferences are successful because of the quality of our participating delegations. We respect that delegations have different methods of assigning countries, using systems incorporating elements of delegate choice, assignment by student or faculty leadership, rotation, chance, seniority, and/or other factors. However, over the course of this conference's history, NWMUN has observed best practices and identified the conference's needs with regards to the choice made by delegations in assigning specific country-committee combinations to individual delegates. As a result, we have developed this policy for schools to follow in making assignments. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

If you are interested in viewing the policy used by NWMUN in assigning countries to registering delegations, please view our Country Assignment Policy.

1) Delegations should place their most experienced delegates on the countries which are most integral to the overall functioning of the committee they are in. Examples include permanent members of the Security Council; countries who are direct parties to an issue under discussion in that committee (such as Israel and Palestine on the General Assembly if the General Assembly is discussing "the Question of Palestine"); and countries whose influence on an issue is large enough to necessitate their involvement in committee discussions.

2) In addition to the experience guidelines stated above, delegations should assign individuals that they trust to follow the standards of delegate conduct and to attend all sessions of the conference to each of the country-committee combinations referenced above. While no school will ever be penalized from year to year for issues related to experience, quality level, or level of activity, NWMUN does use delegate/delegation absences and disruptive or inappropriate conduct to determine country assignments in future years, especially when absences or misconduct were committed by delegates assigned to the high-priority country-committee combinations referenced above. (For more information on this, please reference our Country Assignment Policy.)

3) Schools are assigned countries by NWMUN exclusively; no school may assign its countries or any part of its countries to another school, or delegates from another school. In the event that delegations are unable to fill all of their countries, remaining country assignments need to be officially yielded back to NWMUN for reassignment to other schools.