This page will contain all updates, from newest to oldest, about our work and plans for Northwest Model United Nations - High School (NWMUN-HS) with relation to COVID-19 (the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, also known as "novel coronavirus"). This page will also have some general information on the disease as it relates to our planning; we encourage all readers to seek out other sources of information on the disease broadly. If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary-General


March 27, 2020
In the interest of transparency, NWMUN-HS is disclosing our criteria for determining if the conference will be cancelled or not. As of today, all preparations continue as normal. We will continue to prepare normally except as described in the policy below.
  • 1) The Board of Directors of our parent nonprofit, the Northwest Association for Global Affairs, has determined that the conference will automatically be cancelled if any of the following occur.
    • If the states of Oregon or Washington has a "Shelter in Place" or similar order extending through May 30.
    • If a federal or state (Oregon) ban of events of 50 people or more (including events above a lower threshold, e.g. 10+ or 25+) extends through May 30.
    • If the CDC extends its recommendation for not hosting an event of 50+ people to cover May 30.
    • If the Hilton Portland Downtown or the Hilton corporation prohibits events of our size through May 30.
  • 2) In the event any of the above are in place on an indefinite basis as of the last date the venue will allow us to reschedule our event, we will reschedule the conference.
  • 3) The Northwest Association for Global Affairs reserves the right to cancel the conference at any time based on other developments with relation to COVID-19, and will do so if necessary to protect the health, safety, or well-being or our participants, faculty, parents, or volunteers.

March 16, 2020
NWMUN-HS is announcing a new addition to our country assignment policy in recognition of the cancellation of earlier spring high school Model United Nations conferences which are normally attended by some of our delegations and which those delegations may have registered for in 2020 prior to their cancellation due to COVID-19.
  • 5) NWMUN will strive to ensure that delegations who registered for Washington State Model United Nations (WASMUN) 2020 or Oregon Model United Nations (OMUN) 2020, prior to the two conferences being cancelled, are able to register for some (though likely not all) of the same countries they would have represented at those conferences for NWMUN-HS 2020.
We would also like to express our support of the volunteers who worked to create these and other conferences which have subsequently been canceled, and of the participants and advisers who prepared their teams for those conferences. Our organization's statement is available on Facebook.

March 15, 2020
The Centers for Disease Control have recommended that through May 10, all events consisting of 50 or more people should be cancelled or postponed. This guidance is completely voluntary at present. As NWMUN-HS 2020 is scheduled for May 30, all preparations continue.

March 13, 2020
NWMUN-HS is announcing a new and unique refund policy for the 2020 conference as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In the event the conference needs to be canceled (which at present is not planned or even likely, but may occur due to legal requirements, venue closures, or an organizational assessment of the safety and health of our attendees and volunteers), all payments made to NWMUN-HS 2020 will be refunded in full.

  • In the event the conference needs to be rescheduled (which at present is not planned or even likely, but may occur due to legal requirements, venue closures, or an organizational assessment of the safety and health of our attendees and volunteers), all schools will be offered the option of maintaining their registration for the new dates, or receiving a full refund.

  • In the event an attending school has a regulation or order not to attend events, their payments will be refunded in full.

March 12, 2020

In Oregon, Governor Brown has ordered all K-12 schools to close from March 16 - March 31. She has also ordered all events of 250+ people to be cancelled from March 12-April 8.

In Washington, Governor Inslee has also ordered all-K12 schools to close from March 17 - April 24, and also ordered all events of 250+ people banned as well during this timeframe.

NWMUN-HS 2020 is our first year, and our original plan expected 70-100 delegates (we know this may change due to COVID-19 and its effects on other conferences as well as the health and well-being of prospective attendees). Additionally, our date is May 30, 2020. As a result, we have no reason at present to alter our plans for the conference. However, we will be assessing the legal and health implications of our event on a regular basis and posting updates to this page as to any potential alterations to the conference plans as they arise.